What Is A Login Scripts

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What Is A Login Scripts

Posted by Brunett Amo on Monday, 10 February, 2020 07:28:15

Scripts defined in teh user profile run under user's security context. GPO based login scripts run under the local system security context.

I don't think you quite understand what a login script is. It is not a script that logs into something but is a script that is run by Group Policy to update a user when they log into a device. I am not sure what your script would accomplish other than capturing a username and password which generally serves no purpose in a login script.

\DOMAIN\NETLOGON\script.bat and \DOMAIN\SYSVOL\DOMAIN\scripts\script.bat and \DOMAIN\SYSVOL\DOMAIN\policies\GUID(Right? It's a crazy string)\User\Scripts\Logon\script.bat . So, how can I figure out which one is actually being ran per computer or user? Cause they are all slightly different from each other and one of them doesn't map properly.

Typically with a login script you will make drive letters so that they are NOT persistent. This avoids lots of error messages during the login process about the resource already being in use and if you have changed the drive letter or path in the script, your new settings will be seen.

I want to create a logon script. There are multiple drives that I want to map. I want the logon script to delete the drives when the logon script is first run (so in case there is a change it matches the new settings) I want the logon script to hide the network path (so instead of it saying \\PC\sharename I just want it to show as Sharename

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