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Tk20 Columbus State

Posted by Breaux Albert on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 09:33:48

LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT If you are having trouble accessing your Tk20 account, here are helpful tips: Your login information for Tk20 is the same as your Appstate username and

9.2.2: Tk20 v9.2.2_765_1 12/28/2019 06:27 PM. Create Applicant Account. Enter information below to establish your account. The basic information marked with an asterisk is required. Additional information will be requested when you complete your application.

Columbus State University Tk20 College of Education and Health Professions Faculty and Staff Training Guide VERSION 1.3 Purpose This training document is a step by step set of instructions that will familiarize users with common tasks associated with the faculty role in Tk20.

Tk20 Admissions accounts (Applicant Accounts) are free but are ONLY to be used to complete an Admission Application. Click here for a guide to creating an Admission Application: Creating an Admission Application At the bottom of the page use the Click here to create your account link to open the form

Your temporary TK20 account is for this application only and will not be used again. Once admitted, you will be given an active student account that will be used throughout your education program. Level 2 Check Point Progress Report will must be completed by your Educational Advisor, prior to register for 3000 level classes.

[If this is a new Tk20 account, please wait 3 days before login so MSUM can transfer your data to Tk20.] WARNING: If you are purchasing Tk20 in order to apply for a SARTE provisional, please note there will be no refunds should you not qualify for full SARTE admittance or you choose not to continue in Teacher Education.