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Posted by Brun Amie on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 05:01:07

The Seattle University business and law joint degree program allows students to obtain the JD and a graduate degree in business. Specified courses taken at the Law School may contribute to the business degree and specified courses completed in the Albers School of Business and Economics may contribute to the JD Degree.

In order to earn the bachelor of science degree with a major in cell and molecular biology, students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter credits with a cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.00, including the following:

The Seattle University Undergraduate Admissions Office offers group visits year-round. Our Group Tours are available at 9AM and 1PM, Monday through Friday. We are not able to accommodate weekend tours. Group visits are designed specifically for high school students and prospective transfer students.

Welcome to the Seattle University Housing Portal. Living on campus is an integral part of the educational experience. Students who live on campus often become more involved in activities and programs, achieve greater academic success and have greater satisfaction with their overall university experience.

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Our Admissions Counselors travel around the U.S. every spring to answer your questions about Seattle University. We want to congratulate you in person and offer you a chance to meet other admitted students in your area. These receptions will also allow future Redhawks to connect with current SU representatives and learn more about the SU community.