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Maryland Death Certificates Login

Posted by Breon Aldrich on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 08:20:20

Requests for certified Maryland death certificates may be made at the Hyattsville location on a walk-in basis only for deaths that occurred in Maryland after January 1, 2015. Certificates for deaths that occurred prior to January 1, 2015 can be obtained from the Division of Vital Records, 6764-B Reistertown Road Baltimore, MD 21215.

You can order a certified copy of your Father's Maryland death certificate online from the Maryland Department of Health. Just go to the Maryland Department of Health website, fill out the form for a death certificate copy and pay the $12 fee.They will mail you the death certificate within a couple weeks.

The Carroll County Health Department files and copies Carroll County resident death certificates. Death certificates can also be obtained through the Maryland State Division of Vital Records (DVR). For more information, call 800-832-3277 or 410-764-3038 , or visit the Maryland Department of Health's Death and Fetal Death Certificates page.

Maryland Vital Records issues certified copies of Maryland death certificates that can typically be used to obtain death benefits, to claim insurance proceeds and for other legal purposes. Who Can Order? Copies of Maryland death certificates will be issued to the decedent's mother, father, spouse or child. All other applicants must contact

The only document you need to submit an application for a death certificate is a copy of your photo ID. Once you are ready to get started, you will find that our application assistance services are comprehensive, secure, and easy to follow.

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