Flowrouter On Login

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Flowrouter On Login

Posted by Bouvier Addie on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 09:39:16

Flow Router - some useful patterns. At TABLEFLIP, The first of these blocks provides a callback to run on login and redirect the user to the dashboard, whilst the latter reactively redirects to the homepage when the user logs out. For those less familiar with Flow Router, the FlowRouter

How to create customized views to manage user accounts (register, login, logout, etc) How to save, edit and get data from your MongoDB. How to pass data from your database to your React components. How to install and use Meteor specific packages (via Atmosphere.js) and npm. How to create routes with FlowRouter. How to handle pagination

How can we access route information? In addition to passing in the parameters as arguments to the action function on the route, Flow Router makes a variety of information available via (reactive and otherwise) functions on the global singleton FlowRouter.

Getting Started / How to Login to infoRouter. To log in as an authenticated user, click on the link located on your portal labeled "Member Login". If you do not have a User Name and Password, please contact the infoRouter System Administrator. At the pop-up login screen, enter the following: Enter your User Name; Enter your Password

Then add kadira:flow-router-ssr with meteor add kadira:flow-router-ssr; Usage. Currently, SSR only works with React. It's technically possible to add SSR support for Blaze. But Blaze Templates are not available on the server. We'll figure out something for that. You need to write your app with FlowRouter and ReactLayout. Visit here to learn how

Using FlowRouter in your Meteor Project (3/7) Joseph Delgadillo Check out this FlowRouter tutorial for changing URL's in your Meteor project! How To Design Login And Register Form In Java